Rubber Band Guns

Guaranteed FUN!!!

Rubber Band Guns have been around since time immemorial. I rememeber
very clearly during my childhood days, making rubber band guns from scrap
wood from fruit cases, pallets and discarded wood. They were crudely made but serves its function - it provided FUN!

With modern tools and materials, today's rubber band guns became more
realistic, with more complex release mechanisms to make semi-automatic and even full automatic models.

Left image is a replica of the Winchester Mod. 1892 Lever Action Rifle. This
is the shortened version made famous by a western movie starring Steve

My passion is to grow this hobby and hold crafting and shooting competitons.


STEM education

The humble rubber band gun has elements of both science and engineering
which students can better understand by exploring the inside of a rubber band gun. How a rubber band's potential energy is stored when stretched, turns in an instant into kinetic energy when released.

Armed with such knowledge, a student can easily design their own Rubber Band Guns or other projectile launching platforms.

Rubber Band Gun Making Workshops

Occasionally, I do conduct Rubber Band Gun making workshops. Minimum 2 pax to
start a class workshop. All material provided and attendees goes home with a rubber band gun that he/she had created.

Most of the wood pieces are pre-cut by laser and participants will have to assemble the various parts to create each of the working components. Putting the components together may be challenging for some, so their patience will be tested.

The fun part is shooting the finished kit they had assembled and shooting
targets in a competitoon after they have completed.