Kite Workshops

Kites made are Guaranteed to Fly!

Kites, though simple may not fly if not made well.
Layangman's Kite Workshops are fun, educational and all kites made
participants are GUARANTEED to fly. Participants will learn about a kite's
aerodynamics, how to launch a kite and kite safety.

Participants will be given time to decorate their kites with crayons or
markers. The kites' sail material is usually tyvek and framed in either bamboo or fibreglass rods. The kites are assembled using strong adhesive tapes and staplers.

The kite workshop lasts about 2 hours, including flying time.

Wide age group

There is almost no limit to age for flying simple kites. Anyone can enjoy flying a simple kite, as long as a few safety rules are observed:

    Do not fly near power lines
      Do not fly during theunderstorms or rain
        Do not use glass coated flying lines
          Do not fly near airports or air bases
            Do not run backwards

Rokkaku - classic Japanese bowed kite

The Rokkaku is a bowed kite, meaning it has a bow line across its spreaders. When
is applied to the bow line, the kite will bow, making the sail more efficient.

It has a complex framing system compared to the usual Diamond or Sled kites. Participants are taught how to create spar pockets using adhesive tapes and staples. Bridles are also complex for a Rokkaku and a well made
bridle will allow multiple adjustments for varying wind conditions.

A well made Rokkaku is very stable in flight, it will usually
straight up into the wind and "stick" to the sky if thew wind condition is right. It pulls strongly and care is to be taken when flying a large Rokkaku.