iFlite Glider Kites

iFlite ~ indoor tethered flight

Birthed out of desparation, due to urbanisation, open fields that offers unblocked wind is very difficult to find in tiny Singapore.
With so many tall buildings surrounding what little open spaces available, turbulent wind is the norm.

Hence I began to design a kite that is small enough to fly in my living room.
After months of trials and errors, the iFlite was born.
The first iteration had a longer tail section and after numerous iterations the final form and aspect ratio was firmly carved in stone.

Measuring only 52cm wingspan and height of 30cm, it weighs in at only 2.5gm. The skin is HDPE and framed in carbon rods. The iFlite is designed with a heavier front to achieve glide.

Although designed for indoor flights, it flies outdoor in almost no wind.

Carbon frames

The frame of the iFlite are made from carbon rods, with a spliced short end,which causes the frame to have a forward heavy form.
This is achieved by carefully splicing two carbon rods of different diameters.

The iFlite can be broken down into a slim package with a specially designed
nose assembly, not seen in any other kites. Each kite is housed in a tough
PVC tube, ideal for packing on trips.

Each kite is handcrafted by me, signed and numbered.

Currently there are 5 variants of iFlite. The Classic, Vented, II, MiniFlite and
Ui. They are available in several kites stores in the USA, Canada, UK, China, Taiwan and Japan.

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