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layangman kite loft

Amazing tethered indoor flights and bespoke rubber band guns and wooden toys


Creator of iFlite Indoor Glider Kites. Imagine a kite that is capable of gracefully gliding within the confines of your living room. It started in August 2009 when the first iteration was born.
It eventually morphed into its current form and shape. Since its birth, several variants had been
created for sizes, shape as well as glide speed. iFlite has no motor, just tethered flight.
Photo shows my friend Bob from the UK flying a "stack" of 2 iFlite, a Classic and a Vented model
in an indoor sports hall.

Rubber Band Guns

Rubber Band Guns have come a long way with newer mechanisms and materials.
Layangman designs and make these safe shooting toys as a form of STEM education, learning both simple and complex release mechanisms and science of energies from the humble rubber bands. Kits are available for DIY as well as fully assembled ones.
Custom laser engraving can be done as a personalized gift.
Shooting Booths are also available for shopping malls, schools (science activities), Dinner & Dance, Corporate events and fun fairs.

Kite Workshops

Kite making workshops by Layangman: participants makes a kite and decorate it with
crayons, markers or other quick dry media. All kites made are GUARANTEED TO FLY.
Kite making workshops usually requires a 2 hour session which includes safe kite flying.
Participants will understand the basics of kite aerodynamics, how lift is generated by
wind against kite sail. Most importantly, how to fly a kite safely.